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Qrest is a musician toolkit aimed at helping composers, performers, recordists and mixers

  • Find out the tempo of a musical piece

  • Calculate delay times

  • Calculate LFO frequencies

Typical use :

You are working on a musical piece showing 145 at the BPM counter and need to set some crazy delays synced on dotted quarters. As a vintage fanatic old-schooler, you still use those nice analog delays that keep asking for delay values expressed in seconds. No Problem, Qrest is here to help. Just set Qrest's tempo value to 145 BPM (by either typing the value into the BPM input field or scrolling your mousewheel over it) and click 'dotted'. you're all set!

Qrest is a standalone desktop application running on GNU/linux, Windows and Mac OSX
Free as in speech & beer, it is released under the GPL v3 License

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